I’m sure when my parents waved both my brother and I off onto our chosen careers aged 18, they thought they’d seen the back of us – and our collective belongings.  Over the last 20 years we’ve both boomeranged back and forward numerous times, to the extent I’m sure at some stage we’ve ended up with not our own boxed possessions!  I’m boomeranging back again now, on transit to China, so today was taking down a load of possessions to be stuffed up in their attic in the vague idea that one day I will have such a need for a mountain bike or a box full of pyrex bowls……

However one of the nice things in boomeranging back again in middle age, is that I’m no longer treated as a child, and can talk to my parents about my worries and fears.  I know they are horribly worried about me, when/if I will come back, what will I do, will my dad be able to use my pyrex bowls to mix concrete and paint (!) but it’s also nice to take their advice – and they’re almost always right.  A very touching moment today was when my dad said that if I ever wanted to come home, or got homesick or lonely, to just call them no matter what the time was, and that if I was ever stuck for money they would always help me.  They respect and now I feel understand my desire to go to China and that means so much to me.

However today’s bonus was suitcases!  I’ve had the same set of luggage for goodness knows how many years, and have struggled to squash all my clothes into them on holiday.  My mum via my brother (we have a tendancy in our family to share/swap possessions, never throw away when they could be used by someone else!) gave me two pieces of luggage in which to pack up the clothes that I am keeping so the cases could be put in their attic……. Oft these cases are about twice again the size of my own, I got so so excited – I can take more clothes out with me (being someone on the larger size, unless I buy mens’ clothing there is no way I can buy even a t-shirt in China). 

I lay the loaned cases against my own cases when I got home – bingo, honestly, why did I not think that suitcases came in different sizes!  So a call to parents was made, and they’re going to get me a larger set of cases from an outlet store near them, and bring the new cases up when they come to my house on Saturday.  So I can hours of fun packing and re-packing these new cases!

it’s very strange coming home to what is essential a “shell” home now, the kitchen still has the kettle, etc but the office is empty apart from my desk and PC, the spare room is full of boxes that the storage company are going to take away on 13th August, and the sitting room will be decimated from tomorrow when the tv unit and table are collected.

I also arrange the travel insurance tonight, so if I am ambushed by bandits or pirates then I’m good for £50,000!  All my teaching information has been put onto USBs and they even come up when I put the USB into the netbook – I will not be beaten by technology! 

So tomorrow is just packing up my clothes into the loaned cases and I really must make the call to the letting agents to tell them I’m leaving my cottage, but in the same way as I got upset about leaving work yesterday, this cottage was a sanctuary for myself and Aruwen for five years, so it’s going to be emotional walking away from here and leaving the memories.