It’s particularly poignant saying goodbye to friends, these are good friends who every weekend for three years have encouraged me, kept me going over the struggle regarding exams, listening to me moaning on about pandas.  What’s been especially nice the last few days is spending time with these friends, with their families, their pets, and seeing them outside of the work environment.  Being able to chat over coffee, see their family pictures, not even particuarly talk about work (what work – I don’t work any more, I keep forgetting that!) but just sitting relaxing with them, finding out about their backgrounds, something you just can’t do when sitting at a checkout.  I feel particularly priviledged to have had this precious time with my friends, and it’s something that I will always cherish.  I have no ties to Perth any more – apart from the fact my storage unit is here (!), so who knows what will happen when/if I come back, will I end up back here – I’ve bounced back and forward from Perth since I was I think 22, that’s 20 years of bouncing, seeing changes, seeing the same faces but it’s also extremely comforting and it’s been strange in not having the routine of getting ready for work for this weekend – at 11am I went to the shop to get papers – for the last 3 years that’s when I’ve left to drive to work.

Everyone moves on – in the three years at work I’ve seen so many changes – people getting together/splitting up/having children/pets and I’m so lucky to have been able to share those times with everyone and knowing that as I leave, 99% of my friends are in good, happy positions in their lives. 

It’s also a very nice feeling knowing that you are helping someone to change their life.  A particular memory I will never forget is the guy who managed to get all my bedroom furniture into a Fiat Chincequento this afternoon – it was like furniture yenga – his phrase!  The guy’s moving into his first flat and he was so sweet.  My previous hammock (cost per seat, remember this is Scotland, about £10 in the last four years!) went to a blind girl who will really appreciate it, and who brought her dogs up to see me. 

Tomorrow – three lots of people coming to take the remaining furniture away.  By 5pm tomorrow I will have no cooking facilities, sofas nor desk.  It literally will be a pile of cushions in the corner and a laptop!  However, the kindness of friends really does make me cry – a friend who is taking the bed on Tuesday I randomly met outside Asda this afternoon – he offered to take the bed tomorrow night, and for me to go and stay with him and we could have supper together.  That offer was so lovely.

But tomorrow night is my last night in my cottage.  The only place I’ve ever lived in on my own, and I want to spend it here – not entirely sure what I’ll be eating but having gotten a bag of chips on the way home tonight from the take-away in Stanley which were surprisingly really tasty, I’m guessing Chinese take-out of some sort.  I want to sit cuddling my dog cushion, watching Two and a Half Men, I’ve no idea how many series they made, but that show was the way I relaxed when i was stressed over uni stuff, and I have a particular fondness for Charlie Sheen!  I’ve so so many happy memories of me and doglet here, we grew up here – I gained my qualifications, she bit the postie about an hour before I was due to start my first day in Asda, I gardened, I walked, and I chilled at night by enjoying the peace and tranquility of silence.  Something I think I may have to search desperately for in China!