Short blog tonight – mainly because it’s not easy typing on a keyboard that’s on a box sitting cross legged on the floor!  I’ve also just realised I wonder whether this bog will still link to facebook and twitter in China, I could be sitting the other side of the world tapping out my innermost feelings not realising they’re being broadcast to the world (facebook is banned in China). 

Last night in the cottage – I’m left with a sofa, a bed and a microwave!  Everything is done, to the extent I’ve even packed a bag with the clothes I’m travelling in!   On my last night I’ve turned into the student I managed to avoid for four years, drinking warm wine from a mug as the fridge is gone and the glasses are packed and tea was a pot noodle because I thought the microwave was being taken away.

Such happy memories of this place, and I’ve been sitting outside for a while watching the sunset and the stars – the one star that comes out first always remind me of my neighbour Lesley, looking down on me.  Aged 37 this was the first time I’d ever lived on my own.  For five years I managed not to cut or burn myself – at lunchtime I managed to burn my hand quite badly shoving my pizza in the oven (I had to act fast as the cooker was being removed at 2pm!).

Everything went to people who I know will appreciate my things.  It was tough seeing my desk dismantled as that desk literally does bear the sweat of my brow from all those essays and exam study, but the lady is going back to uni to train as a nurse, and she was so appreciative.  The white good went to a guy setting up with his girlfriend, and the table and chairs and one sofa went to a Chinese guy living in Perth (why do I find these lovely people when I’m leaving!) and we’re going to keep in touch as he’ll be able to advise me as to the locations I’m offered for teaching. 

So tomorrow is waving off my life in my boxes, zipping the cases and going back to probably being a stoppy teenager again at my parents.  Tomorrow’s blog will be made around the time I’m sitting on their sofa watching the third soap of the night and declining yet another cup of tea!