It’s amazing how different the world feels when it’s sunny – and warm, your mood instantly changes and you actually feel that you might make it through the next ten months 🙂

A lazy morning, spent in bed catching up on news groups and general news, with coffee and the door open to the balcony – yup at 9am it was that warm!  The weather here is just weird, last night I thought I was going to freeze to death and put the aircon/heating unit on in  the bedroom, despite the fact I was terrified to do so as I’m not sure how expensive it to run – utility costs are covered but we were told if there’s a massive bill we will have to pay the difference.

Another trip to the supermarket for my coffee/chicken and deli food.  Surprisingly not too much hassle or attention, perhaps people are getting used to me.  I’ve thrown in some crisps as treats – generally my diet is really healthy, to be honest a lot more so than in Scotland because the fruit is wonderful and fresh, but for the last few days I’ve been getting really bad cramps in my hands and feet, whilst both typing and at night, and I suspect that I’m not getting enough salt, so what better excuse than to sit and scoff crisps at night.  Back in the apartment by 2pm, some laundry done and hung up and because it’s so warm some of it is almost dry tonight, not my jeans but my tops and lightweight cardigans.

I’ve had a quiet night, catching up on emails, checking bank balances, I plan to stockpile food and toiletties whilst in Xi’an, as it will be 4 months before I get out of the desert after the National Holiday.  On the plus side, my boss came round with my wages tonight – in cash, it looks a lot more than it actually is!  Dorothy Perkins have taken the money out for the clothes I ordered and I got an email last week to say they’d been despatched – to where that will be a surprise as I’m still not entirely sure I got the postcode right for here and there’s also another county called Dingbian – my postcode is 718600, their postcode is 718500……

And FINALLY after almost a month of emails backwards and forwards to my lovely Hong Kong girl, I got a paypal invoice and managed to pay it – so a coat and three massive fleecy tops will be sent out after the National Holiday 🙂  It’s the small things that make a difference, whilst today has been really warm and sunny, who knows what it’s going to be like in 3 weeks time. 

Tomorrow I have a class in the morning, and then  my final class at 4pm is what’s called an “open class”.  Basically my boss, the headmaster, and any other random person/dog(there are dogs wandering around the school all the time!) will sit in and assess my teaching skills.  Unfortunately because I see 22 classes over 2 weeks I can’t really remember much about this class, but I’ve got the lesson to plan now I think, and they are class 13 out of 22 so are in the fairly top end of english language skills – 1 being the top, 19/20/21/22 being the classes I want to strangle!

With it being National Holiday the confusion still continues of whether we’re working this weekend.  When Mark the FAO came round with my wages I asked him and he said it would be decided tomorrow but we are definately working Sunday.  Now this is the weekend that I need to do my new lesson plans for the next two weeks – typically I’m going to end up trialling my lesson with Sunday’s classes, whoever they are, and then probably forgetting what I’ve done on the week I’m off and having to start again when we come back on the 7th….but hey, by that stage I will be Starbuck’d and Subway’d out and will have bought half of Walmart to keep me going for 4 months…..truly if Walmart do not have packet soup I will cry 😦