Having unblocked my blog whilst in Scotland, it’s taken me an hour to log back into it in china….god bless the Chinese firewall!  Short blog, just in case it doesn’t work…..!

In Beijing, hostel great as always, the heat and humidity is fairly horrific, and jetlag hit me about five pm, unfortunately I was out at the time and only a Starbucks coffee gave me the strength to get back and I had to lie down for a couple of hours and nap.  Thankfully the hostel serves white wine, so I’m feeling slightly better now.  Tomorrow is a walk to the forbidden city – Again, I adore the place, then up to wangfujing to the English bookstore to stock up on books for the next five months.  Monday is a visit to the zoo, it seems rude not to visit a panda for the first time in a year, they were the reason for coming to china after all, and hopefully get the boat up to the Summer Palace.  Tuesday is hopefully the Temple of Heaven, having negotiated the subway for a whole two stops today to get my train ticket, I’m feeling confident enough to attempt to change lines, then it’s off to jingbian on Wednesday night.  My boss emailed me tonight to say my kids are on military training for two weeks and my first class is 5th September.  Having checked that’s a Friday!